Q. 1.

How do I book?


Bookings should be made by phone text or email. No booking is confirmed until confirmation email is received from us.

Q. 2.

Can I book all my transfers before I land?


Booking can be made before you land via our contact method.

Q. 3.

I need to book for today, is that possible and is there room at such late notice?


Just give us a call text or email and we will let you know if we can organise a vehicle for you.

Q. 4.

Can I book if I don’t have a credit card?


Yes you can book without credit card. Please check payment methods. E.g cc cash direct debit.

Q. 5.

How long before the booking time can I cancel?


Cancellation to booking can be made at anytime however if it is within 24hrs 100% of booking fee will be applied. Anything before 24hrs is 50%.

Q. 6.

Can I be picked up or dropped off from my house or accomodation?


Yes pickup and drop off is to your front door.

Q. 7.

I am a pensioner / health care card holder. Is there a concession fare for me?


Unfortunately we do not accept concessions

Q. 8.

How do I know which car from your fleet will pick me up?


We will discuss the vehicle type at the time of the booking. If any specific vehicle requirements are needed please ask our staff.

Q. 9.

Why did a sedan come, when I booked a limo?


If a stretch limousine is required please ask our staff as a limo can mean a sedan as well.

Q. 10.

How many people can travel in one car?


Number if passengers vary from vehicle to vehicle please specify number of passengers.

Q. 11.

Why does it say door to door but I have to walk?


We try to drop our passengers off at the front door every time however sometimes due to parking restriction and height restrictions we can only drop as close as possible

Q. 12.

Do you service NSW only or other states, such as Queensland and Victoria?


We have partners in every state in australia so please ask our staff and we can accommodate all your transport australia wide.

Q. 13.

Can I take my dog/cat with me when I travel?


No pets allowed in vehicles

Q. 14.

I need a receipt for my company to reinburse me, are you able to provide that?


Yes we always provide a tax invoice to your company.

Q. 15.

Can extra people travel if I didn’t book for them?


Extra passengers can travel if there is room in the bus however conditions and fees apply.

Q. 16.

What if I am running late?


If you are running late we charge a rate of $2.00 per minute. We allow for 10minutes free of charge. For airline and airports we allow 30minutes from the time of landing.

Q. 17.

What if my flight/cruise got posposed on cancelled, but I cannot call to rearrange?


We have all details of your flight if you are flying in. Our staff are constantly monitoring your flights to make sure our drivers are aware of your flight times. If it is cancelled we will just pick you up when you arrive on the next flight at no extra cost.

Q. 18.

Do your vehicles have toilets on board?


Our vehicles are not equipped with restrooms.

Q. 19.

Where and how in the airport do I find you?


At the airport we will be waiting at the carousel number of your flight with a name board sign and we will contact you after you land. This will all be discussed during the booking process.

Q. 20.

Where and how in the port do I find you?


Same as the airport, we will have our driver waiting for you with a name sign

Q. 21.

I am having trouble contacting my driver, what do I do?


If you have trouble contacting the driver you can just call our office number on 02 8006 8221 and we will assist you.

Q. 22.

I would like to make a complaint, what is the best way to do that?


All complaints should be sent via email to ...

Q. 23.

Do I need to tip the driver?


Tips are not compulsory but always appreciated.

Q. 24.

Can I book my next trip directly with the driver?


No. All Bookings must be made via the office.

Q. 25.

What are your operating hours?


We operate 24hrs a day. However all booking enquiries after 5pm should be made via email only.