Types of corporate coach hire Sydney offered to clients

The idea of travelling evokes thrill in most people.

Whether it is a corporate tour, a family tour or just a simple road trip, nobody hates the idea of taking time off from the daily headaches of life. But the reality of soliciting for reliable and comfortable transport is not thrilling. If you travel often be it for corporate or personal reasons, you must be familiar with the hectic nature of using public transport. You have to stick to the timetables and schedules that guide the operation of public transport means such as buses. As for taxis, you are well aware of the exorbitant prices that they impose on customers. Imagine you have been given the responsibility of planning a corporate event or trip in Sydney on behalf of your organization. How do you ensure every staff member access quality transport to and from the event or trip? There is a way you execute it easily without feeling overwhelmed. In terms of transportation needs, you can consult Sydney Transport Company. The following are examples of transport services that Sydney Transport Company to its clients:

1. Corporate coach and bus hire services

When transporting staff to and from a corporate event or tour, the reality is that it is never an easy process. Your coach or minibus needs can seem limitless when looking for transport for the corporate tour or event. It can appear too complicated that you feel overwhelmed. But you can manage to maneuver the situation all the same. Corporate coach hire Sydney can assist in coordinating all your transport requirements as you prepare for a corporate event or tour. With years of experience in providing corporate hire services, your transport needs for a corporate tour can be well managed. With many fleets of vehicles, your large group of staff can be shuttled to and from the corporate event. Drivers can be provided to pick up staff from the given locations and ensure a smooth process from the beginning to the end. By hiring corporate coach and bus hire services from Sydney Transport Group, you will get benefits such as:

  • Professional and exceptional service combined with quality and well-serviced vehicles.
  • Competitive rates that guarantee value for money.
  • The widest range of mini coaches, coaches and buses endowed with a wide range of seating capacities to serve both small and large corporate groups.
  • Bus and minibus services at any hour.
  • Courteous service when inquiring about services or raising complaints.

2. Corporate airport transfers

Do you need to plan to use corporate airport transfers in Sydney? This service is just a phone call away. Upon contacting Sydney Transport Group, you can receive all the assistance you need. You can get a bus to transport a corporate group either to the airport or pick them from the airport based on your budget, expectations and requirements. Besides, you will get a coach or minibus that is fully seat-belted and has air-conditioning to make the ride cozy.

3. Corporate limousine services

When soliciting corporate airport transfers, you might prefer limousine services instead of minibus or bus hire services. If you need executive transport services for your staff that can be provided as well. Limousine services can be offered to get a VIP staff from the airport and shuttle him or her to your corporate event on time. Just book an airport transfer to facilitate transportation of the VIP staff. Immediately this is done, a driver will be assigned to go pick your staff member. The driver will wait for your staff member in the specified arrival section and escort him or her to the car.

4. Chauffeur services

If you require chauffeur Sydney services, consider hiring the services from Sydney Transport Group. Sydney Transport Group takes pride in offering transport services in the most excellent and professional manner possible. Commitment is shown in employing staff-drivers/chauffeurs who are insured, have relevant training and accredited to offer driving services. The company has professional drivers/chauffeurs who provide chauffeur services to clients24 hours a day. The chauffeurs demonstrate high standards of professionalism, efficiency and observe punctuality. They ensure clients receive courteous service in line with the company’s guidelines and standards.

5. Chauffeured executive transport services

As stated above, Sydney Transport Group professional chauffeurs who enable provision of chauffeured executive transport services. The service is extended to individuals in the corporate sector who need this type of service or individuals who need for special occasions. Chauffeuredexecutive transport services are undoubtedly the best type of transport services one can get. This service entails luxurious limousines which have disc brakes, anti-lock braking, GPS satellite tracking, reclining business class seats made of leather, 3-point seatbelts air bag suspension and a luggage storage compartment to store luggage and other heavy items. The limousines also feature a digital satellite TV, DVD player, a large LCD monitor and computer ports for personal computers and laptops. Such executive facilities enable corporate staff to engage in executive communication as they are chauffeured to a corporate event. The limousines provide a very comfortable, safe and private ride for clients. The presence of a discrete glass partition which is between the chauffeur and the passenger enhances privacy and soundproofing. At the touch of a button, a client can achieve privacy thus engage in private conversations without interruption or interference from the chauffeur.

6. Safe and reliable transport services

This is not a specific type of transport services. But it is important that all types of transport services given convey a sense of safety and reliability. The wish of every customer is to seek safe and reliable transport services. Be it corporate coach hire services, chauffeured services or airport transfers, the safety of customers during rides is paramount. Sydney Transport Group ensures safe and reliable transport services through working with qualified and chauffeurs.
In summary, the successful implementation of any trip, whether a corporate trip, a school trip, a family trip or a social group trip depends on many factors. One of the factors is convenient transportation means. If you are keen on choosing transport services from a trusted company, you will not face any disappointments. Sydney Transport Group is a good example of a reliable transport services provider. The company has maintained consistency in giving clients nothing but the best with respect to transport services.

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